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If something is not working as expected, try these common solutions.

  1. Update WordPress, theme, plugins and plugin extensions. Available updates appear in Dashboard->Updates.
  2. Deactivate all plugins in case you still have the problem. You can deactivate all plugin by renaming /wp-content/plugins directory. If the problem solved after deactivate all plugins, you should re-activate the plugin one by one to determine which plugin cause the conflict.
  3. Clear cache of both your browser and in any caching plugins that you are using (also disable services like CloudFlare, if used with your website).
  4. Revert code changes if you have modified the theme’s code. If using a child theme, reactivate the parent theme.
  5. Switch to the default theme (Twenty series Theme). Check the problem solved. If the problem still have, contact with us at support desk

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