Can I use single theme license for more than one websites ?

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According to ThemeForest, you have two licensing options.

  1. Regular License
  2. Extended License

To know about the license follow this link.

If I need to use any of XpeedStudio themes on a second site, do I need a second license?

Yes. One purchase of any of TieLabs themes allows you to use the theme on one finished site. If you need to use it on a second site, it requires you to make a second license purchase.

Can I use your themes on a test site, then move it to a live site when finished?

Yes. You can keep the theme on a test site to build it, then move it to the live site once you’re finished.

Can I keep a test site and a live site with one Regular License purchase?

According to the licensing rules set by Envato, this is not allowed. If it is installed in two places permanently, then it requires two licenses.

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