Use Wp booking System plugin with Accommodation theme

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Our Accommodation theme compatible with Wp Booking System.

To install Wp booking System plugin
Install from admin panel-> Plugins-> new plugins search “Wp booking System”


or Download from here go to

After Install and activate the plugin. Go to Wp booking system from admin panel sidebar

Click on ‘Add New’ at the top of the page to create a calendar


Create a new form. (You can add more field from form option)

To embed a calendar Go to a page from pages -> add new pages

Use the ‘Add Calendar‘ button at that page top Editor.

Generated a shortcode

Shortcode will be like this [wpbs id="1" form="2" title="yes" legend="yes" language="auto"]

Copy this shortcode and add into Appearance-> theme settings-> advanaced settings->


Then save the option. thats it

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